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Paryavaran (Environment)

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Project Paryavaran is inspired by a true incident that we all faced during the pandemic. We all faced the issue of oxygen cylinders.Research proved that people living in more green areas faced less oxygen supply issues during pandemics than people who have fewer parks or gardens around their surroundings 

The plantation is the need of an hour. There are some plants like snake plants that need watering and sunlight once a week and they supply oxygen 24 hrs a day. So keeping in mind we started with our project Paryavaran.

Our aim is to plant a minimum of 20000 plants in the coming 6 months. We have already planted 100 plants with the help of our volunteers.

Our volunteers plant saplings at their homes, road dividends, terraces, parks, etc., and also do the work of grooming them. We are also focusing on spreading awareness about how to keep the environment clean.

We are thankful to all volunteers and interns who are working for the betterment of society. We can achieve success in helping people in a very small period because of our lovely team. Thank you for your love, support, kindness and trust.