Our Story

Our founders a young college student, was driven by the dream to bring a day when no child would be deprived of basic rights be it food, clothing, education, medical security, and a healthy living environment.

Like most of us, They are upset observing the discrimination because of unequal distribution of privileges among people. They never wanted to see children begging and working as servants.

And unlike most of us, They try to do something about it to make a difference.

One of our founder brought up a puppy from the roadside to her home and took care of all the expenses of treatment by herself. At that time her parents realised that she is driven to help people and encouraged her to open up her Ngo.

They were also part of a lot of volunteering activities in her college days. They visited slums, children in hospitals, held teaching classes for street children and started a clothes donation movement at a slum the club adopted.

They are firmly convinced that each of us can, in our own small way, bring a difference by being the agents of change. They are believers of Gandhiji saying that “ Be the part of the change you wish to see in the world”. So just imagine the intensity and impact when all of us are moved to this, the better impact would be lasting change. Their initiatives are not only helping youth inculcate respect, sensitivity, and the power of empathizing with others but also helping poor and needy women.